My Story


My name is John McLachlan, I am married with 3 wonderful children and 2 dogs ,all of whom appear somewhere in the site.
We live on the West Coast of Scotland (Troon to be exact ). The coastal scenery and sunsets can be spectacular and rarely the same 2 days in a row with the ever changing ,and sometimes even sunny. We are also only a few hours from the highlands which we visit when ever we can . Glen Etive being a favorite. My galleries have a wide variety of subjects as i will take photographs of virtually anything that fires my interest ,imagination or need to record beauty , drama ,moments in time or to show off my children.
You might be wondering why i have used the name One Eye Open photography . It might sound pretentious but this is the reason:-When my 1st daughter was born i bought my first digital camera. As every proud dad does i took lots of family snaps. It wasn't long before i realised that i enjoyed doing it but wanted better equipment . So i saved up and got my first Digital camera, a Nikon D50 and read . I read a lot ! As my photography improved i became more aware of all the sights that that are around , below , above ,near or in the distance from me .They were there along but i hadn't really noticed them . In effect with the camera i wasn't closing one eye(my left ) but instead was opening one eye to see what is there but i had not always seen.Told you it's was a bit pretentious but that s my reason.
I would like to thank my family and friends for the help and understanding they show me regarding "that Bloody ever present camera".
If you feel like contacting me please don't hesitate to use the contact page .
Thanks John